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Forrest Homes Build Components

"Phased" Construction Schedule and Communication

Having a structured schedule and communicating that schedule improves efficiency and accountability among the building team. Using e-mail to communicate each construction phase with team members keeps the building process running smoothly.

Other important schedule and communication strategies include:

  • Written revisions and change orders
  • Daily contact to provide feedback
  • Weekly meetings to develop plans and strategies
  • Immediate face-to-face conflict resolution as necessary
  • Role clarity of the building team designed to increase personal mastery
  • Clear and well-defined expectations for all team members

View an example of e-mail communication with the building team.

"Triad" Collaboration

Forrest Homes will meet face-to-face with subcontractors and suppliers to discuss the project’s scope and confirm the proposed start date. Meeting face-to-face is crucial since it increases the likelihood of commitments being honored. 

This initial meeting will be followed up with an e-mail or phone call to reconfirm the proposed start date. Finally, another phone call or meeting occurs to confirm the actual start date when work will begin. With these frequent communications, commitments can and will be retained.

These collaborations promote:

  • Friendly, courteous work environment
  • Honest, trustworthy, and loyal partnerships
  • Individual flexibility for subcontractors, thus allowing creativity
  • Accountability and consequences
  • Tight work scheduling, reducing the construction period
  • The desire for individual excellence and high performance
  • Timely payment of invoices

Feature Selection Assistance and Construction Coordination

Forrest Homes’ uses their knowledge of construction styles and design to provide this unique service to our home buyers.

Services included are:

  • Assistance with the selection of fixtures, finishes, and features
  • Recommendations for cost-effective alternatives
  • Advice on “style consistency”
  • Effective communication with subcontractors and suppliers

Computerized Budgeting

Cost analysis and competitive bids keep costs at a minimum and help generate a practical budget. View an example of a construction budget.

"Fast Track" Construction Process

This innovative approach allows for offsite construction of some components, such as cabinets, moldings, and millwork, resulting in significant cost and time savings.