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Our Build Process

At Forrest Homes, we value our long-standing relationships with our highly skilled artisans. Together, we prioritize putting our customers first. Our team is known for being courteous, reliable, and dedicated to delivering exceptional craft.

We are committed to saving our customers time, frustration, and money. We bring a unique blend of creativity, sensitivity, and innovation throughout the process. We strongly believe in open communication and encourage customer and artisans’ input. Flexibility and feedback are important to us as we aim to create personalized homes that embody comfort and sophistication.

Passion drives us in everything we do, and we consistently strive for peak performance to ensure our customers’ highest level of satisfaction.

Wooden Stairs

Steps of The Construction Process Include:

Building Site or Lot Selection

  • Lot Earnest Money Contract
  • Lot Survey
  • Title Commitment
  • Center Point Energy (gas) Disconnect at the Main
  • Reliant Energy (electric) Disconnect
  • Soil Report

Project Financing

  • Loan Application Meeting
  • Draw Schedule
  • Permanent Loan
  • Construction Loan

Architectural Building Plans

  • Preliminary Plans
  • Structural and Frame Engineering
  • Drainage Plan
  • Energy Analysis
  • Truss Design
  • Framing and Foundation Plan
  • Framing Material Take Off
  • Reliant Energy Letter
  • Riser Diagram
  • Manual J/ Mechanical Plan

Building Materials, Features, and Finishes

Construction Budget

Building Contract

  • Building Contract Agreement
  • Building Permit Application

City Building Permit Submission

Material and Labor Bids

  • Truss Plan Bid
  • Foundation Bid
  • Plumbing Bid
  • Electrical Bid
  • Frame Material Bid
  • Window Bid

Home Construction Commencement

Selection of Home Features